Say Cheese!

Oral health is not only related to the well being of teeth, gums and mouth as a whole, but has a direct connection to the general health of the body. A poor oral health may be the cause of a host of ailments and health problems. Also, a healthy and well maintained teeth ridge betters one’s appearance and boosts self-esteem and confidence. Dental treatment is as essential as any other health treatment. It includes medical procedures and prevention techniques to maintain and strengthen teeth and avert any tooth loss and gum infections. Procedures of denture repairs and relines are also essential dental treatments.

The prime function of teeth is the chewing of food to break down the food that we consume into smaller portions for the digestive system to further process and absorb. The set of upper and lower teeth provides support and structure to the cheek and form an important base for the facial structure. It is directly linked to the appearance. Another function of the teeth is it aids proper and clear speech.

The set of teeth is like a tool within a machine and just like any tool, it also requires periodic cleansing and treatment. The most common of the problems observed as far as dental health is concerned is the formation of cavities and plaques which may be deemed the commencement of teeth woes. Other problems include gum-related ailments and oral infection. Cavities are formed in teeth due to poor hygiene and lack of proper and timely cleaning and treatment. It is important to maintain a healthy dental habit. A balanced diet consisting adequate calcium and maintaining an optimum level of fluoride in the teeth is essential for the strength of the teeth. Regular and proper cleaning is another important habit which needs to be strictly followed. A timely visit to the dentist, at least once a year can ward off some unseen problem which may become severe, if not treated.

It becomes increasingly difficult to preserve the natural teeth, especially as we grow older. Accidents, over consumption of alcohol and tobacco and other oral health problems may cause loss of teeth. The advancement in dental health treatment has improved prosthetic teeth or dentures, repair of the same and also made quality root canals and implants possible. The dentures can be a reliable replacement for aesthetic purpose, but it cannot be a perfect replacement for chewing as compared to the natural teeth. The natural teeth should be cared for and maintained for as long as possible to ensure a beautiful and healthy smile.